Weber Blog: notizie dal mondo dell'etichettatura e della marcatura industriale

Often used in the industrial sector, the Data Matrix code is a two-dimensional matrix barcode, composed of black and white cells (or modules) arranged in a rectangular or square pattern.

Data Matrix codes and additional alphanumeric data, identify component details such as:

  • Manufacturer identification;
  • the identification number of the product;
  • a unique and different serial code for each product produced.

The pharmaceutical sector

As regards the pharmaceutical industry, on 9 February 2019, was officially presented in Brussels, the new EU system to combat pharmaceutical counterfeiting. The system is based on the application of a unique two-dimensional bar identification code (2D Datamatrix). The news was announced in a joint note by Farmindustria, Assogenerici, and Aip.

All prescription drugs dispensed in the EU will, therefore, be subject to the new tracking system that will allow verification of authenticity by the new EMVS, the European drug verification system, established in 2016, in implementation of the anti-counterfeiting directive (62/2011 / EU) and the related Delegated Regulation.

According to the data illustrated, the EMVS will connect 2 thousand pharmaceutical companies, about 6 thousand wholesalers, 140 thousand pharmacies, 5 thousand hospital pharmacies and all the dispensers of medicines active in the European economic area with the aim of protecting European patients from the risk of entry of counterfeit drugs in the legal supply chain. This is a phenomenon that the EU Commission has set at 0.005% of the circulating medicines in Europe.

As concerning for Italy, Belgium and Greece, Countries with a pre-existing traceability system (in Italy the so-called self-adhesive label), the new regulation will come into force in 2025.

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