Weber Blog: notizie dal mondo dell'etichettatura e della marcatura industriale

Not long for the next appointment with Ipack IMA to be held in Milan from 29 May to 1 June 2018. On this occasion we will present some of our labeling machines suitable for various uses and applications.

[Translate to Italien (Italienisch):] [Translate to Frankreich (Französisch):] [Translate to Englisch:] Legi-Air 6000 EtikettiermaschineThe first labeling machine we are talking about is the Legi Air 6000 that with its resistance, speed and precision, is able to affix labels on cartons of different heights. It is able to reach up to 2250 units per hour with the format of the DIN A 6 labels and with 500 mm difference in height of the articles thanks to the servo applicator.

After a sensor upstream has measured the height of the approaching product to label, the applicator reaches its correct position very fast. This reduces the travelling distance during labelling, whilst simultaneously also dispensing labels more accurately and up to 50 percent faster than applicators using pneumatically driven cylinders. Its consistently lightweight design sporting carbon fibre components for the moving parts is also instrumental. The applicator is ca. 80 percent lighter than conventional models.

Since the dispensing applicator needs no compressed air, but travels by servo-motor, it also saves costs. Compressed air is used only for the application of labels with the tamp-blow method.

Enduring, easy-care and adaptability

A microprocessor controller optimises cost and space requirements. No separate control cabinet is required, allowing perfect integration of the compact unit into the production environment.

Productive time will be longer and maintenance time shorter. The Legi-Air 6000 can process large rolls up to 350 mm in diameter.

The industrial printing modules used in the applicator are state-of-the-art. Due to their special design, the most important components are easily accessible for servicing or maintenance. Overall, the Legi-Air 6000 distinguishes itself through its outstanding availability, since the modular design allows a high degree of customisation, thus hardly ever requiring the attendance of a service technician. The applicator reaches the service position above the print head in the event of an error, allowing convenient exchange of labels and foils and easy cleaning of the print head.


  • High performance applicator: Extraordinary fast and accurate labelling of passing cartons of varying height
  • Up to 2250 cycles per hour (with DIN A6 label format and 500 mm difference in product height)
  • Servo motor driven dispensing applicator: Cost reduction
  • Up to 50 percent faster than applicators with pneumatically driven cylinders
  • Consistent lightweight design
  • Carbon fibre material for moving parts
  • Longer productive times, shorter maintenance times
  • 600 m of labels in line
  • Modular design: individually adaptable to specific demands