Weber Blog: notizie dal mondo dell'etichettatura e della marcatura industriale

After the new concept of Amazon Go, where the cash process is completely eliminated, today we talk about the BingoBox.

It almost looks like a container with windows.

The customer arrives by scanning a QRcode on the front door with the smartphone and, once inside, chooses the items he wants from the shelf. The payment is made at the cash machine strictly without the use of cash and, once the purchase is complete, you exit by scanning a code provided.

There are no employees. so no one can help the customer when a problem occurs. However, all stores are monitored via camera.

Beijing’s founder and CEO of BingoBox Chen Zhilin states to be on the right track. The cost of the store seems to be only 1/10 of a conventional store.

It is estimated that 5,000 BingoBoxes will be installed in China in 2018, and the business will also start in South Korea and Malaysia.

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